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Board room is a multi-platform online meeting software application. Through this application multiple users can attain meeting across the globe. It supports Video, audio, text and file transfer. It supports also unified communication. Our application supports Android and IOS devices.

Audio/Video Support: the remote control software transfers audio and video signals across the network and plays the audio through the speakers attached to the local computer. For example, music playback software normally sends audio signals to the locally-attached speakers, via some sound controller hardware. If the remote control software package supports audio transfer, the playback software can run on the remote computer, while the music can be heard from the local computer, as though the software were running locally.

Co-Browsing: the navigation of the Web by several people accessing the same web pages at the same time. When session leader clicks on a link, all other users are transferred to the new page. Co-browsers should support multiple frames and support embedded multimedia (e.g., if a page contains a video player, the session leader may commence synchronized playback for all users. Passing URLs via other tools such as a chat or phone and entering them into browser by each user is not considered co-browsing.

File Transfer: the software allows the user to transfer files between the local and remote computers, from within the client program's user interface.

Unified Communications: Unified communications (UC) is the integration of real-time communication services such as instant messaging (chat), presence information, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, data sharing (including web connected electronic whiteboards aka IWB's or Interactive White Boards), call control and speech recognition with non-real-time communication services such as unified messaging (integrated voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax).


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CEO-Orious System

"CLIVERTECH's approach towards understanding the customer's requirements is their biggest strength. Added to this is their flexibility in terms of handling projects and their ability to understand and translate business into technology in a simple manner. Digitization of business processes is the key to any IT project's success and this according to me is one of their key strengths."

GM IT, Alpine Automation

"CLIVERTECH has done a great job for our organization. They have delivered excellent services for both outsourced projects and filling immediate requirements for onsite consultants. They were quickly able to engage their top talent for our projects; meeting schedule with high quality work."

General Manager, Hallibuton


CLIVERTECH has successfully launched its updated 3 camera CTGolf simulator system named CTG300+.

CLIVERTECH is going to launch multi-platform Board Room Video/Audio/Text/File Transfer application by Dec-2014.

CLIVERTECH is celebrating its successful completion of four years.