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To comprehend an organization's growth with its business activities, there needs to be a holistic approach for employing a technology that effectively communicates and collaborates. Integrating processes and information can play a vital role in improving operational efficiency and strategic forecasts tied closely with the business objectives.

The need for a formal system to capture and represent corporate information has immensely hindered the goal of collaborating partners to align the objectives of growth. Information overload, unmanaged email attachments, unknown versions of record and inconsistent formatting are some of the business problems faced on a daily basis. Corporate portals are built to help the communication, collaboration, consolidation and consistency.

CLIVERTECH helps growing companies measure their gains with various solutions across technologies that include collaborations, portals, knowledge management, content management, document management and enterprise research. These solutions serve as basic tools for integrating people, process and information. Built on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server premise,

Our services provide the following solutions:

  • Enables easy and timely access to information for employees to complete their task.
  • Provides business partners with access to a collaborative environment for sharing business data across multiple access points in different locations.
  • Provides an authoritative one-stop solution for access to organized information.
  • Improves the ability to share and exchange information across the organization through electronic publishing.
  • Reduces the costs incurred in training for enterprise applications, by providing a sustained interface to all applications.
  • Improves customer service by providing critical information for improvised CRM.
  • Creates a team environment that collaborates electronically and stores project information in a properly indexed format.


"My experience with Clivertech's team was better than expected. It was by far the best software process that i have encountered. The turnaround time was great. The team was very professional and knowledgeable. The most impressive part of this process was the fact that we were able to open and close this entire process for referrals. Thanks for great experience."

CEO-Orious System

"CLIVERTECH's approach towards understanding the customer's requirements is their biggest strength. Added to this is their flexibility in terms of handling projects and their ability to understand and translate business into technology in a simple manner. Digitization of business processes is the key to any IT project's success and this according to me is one of their key strengths."

GM IT, Alpine Automation

"CLIVERTECH has done a great job for our organization. They have delivered excellent services for both outsourced projects and filling immediate requirements for onsite consultants. They were quickly able to engage their top talent for our projects; meeting schedule with high quality work."

General Manager, Hallibuton